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Since ancient times, Ēdole county has been called one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful in Kurzeme. Ēdole has been called the land of lakes and great oaks since ancient times. Just 2 km from the center of the enchanted Medieval charm of Ēdole and just 17 km from the other pearl of Kurzeme, our holiday house Pūjalgi is located. The footpaths are surrounded by 4 ponds, most of which allow guests to enjoy a refreshing swim in the sunny summer months, fishing or skating in winter. The garden and the ancient trees growing in front of the house, especially the oak tree, as well as the Pūjalgi or Ēdole castle mound mentioned in the columns of the house give the special magic of the home. Pūjalgi Holiday House can host parties, small weddings, corporate events and other celebrations. The guest house has 4 cozy guest rooms as well as a living room with a lounge and dining area, a sauna and a well-equipped kitchen. Wireless internet access is available free of charge. Pūjalgi is an organic farm, so you have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our natural meadows, where our organic herd of cattle graze, watch our "happy" chickens, and make friends with our particularly child-friendly and beloved dog Nika.



Pūjalgi Holiday House is open all year round, so prices depend on availability and the season you want to visit and, of course, the number of guests. Contact us by filling out the below booking form or calling Amela at 29240934. We will arrange to offer you the best price for your stay.




Latvija, Kurzeme, Kuldīgas county, Ēdoles parish "Pūjalgi", LV-3310


57.035026 N, 21.721129 E

Phone numbers:

Amela: +371 29240934

Miks: +371 29516148

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Amela: amela2@inbox.lv

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